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Arriving Soon



by Julia Evans on 2018-06-11


Arkan saved my life.
He's the first real man I've ever laid eyes on.
My crotch swelled at the sight of him.
I'll do whatever it takes to pay him back.


I'm a Ranger of the Old Forest, Protector of the Kingdom of Rian.
After rescuing Jennifer, she's made me rethink everything.
She's the woman I've always been searching for...

Savage is a fantasy romance featuring very steamy scenes and a happily ever after!

Alien's Passion

by Julia Evans on 2018-05-08

Sophia wasn't exactly planning on crashing onto an alien planet. She had dreams of living on an off-world colony. Starting all over in a place where nobody knew her. Now she was on a planet where there weren't any humans.

Tyrex is an impossibly strong warrior of the Jeorns. He has been ordered by the Council of Elders to find his Intended. When he comes across a sharp-tongued female in the forest, he knows his search is over. But can they both endure the Trials?