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RUN: The Tesla Effect Book 2

by Julie Drew on 2019-02-03

Tesla Abbot assumed that using her father's time machine to save his life and defeat his evil-scientist nemesis would've finally make her life at least somewhat normal, but her junior year is off to a bad start. Working part-time for a secret government agency is cool and all, but the physical training is intensifying the strange abilities she's always tried to hide, and now the whole school has seen her in action in a humiliating episode of epic proportions. Her dad is clearly hiding something related to her mother's death, making Tesla wonder if it was an accident at all, and her suspicions are taking a toll on their relationship and putting her little brother Max, whom she adores, in the middle of it all. As if that weren't bad enough, she can't figure Finn out--one day he's all over her, the next, she doesn't exist--and Sam wants more than she's ready to give. Pushed to the breaking point by literally every aspect of her life, Tesla decides that jumping back in time again will allow her to figure out her present and solve the central mystery of her past: who killed her mother. But every action has unintended consequences, and when Tesla time travels again she's faced with the horror of unthinkable choices whose ripple effects in every direction could destroy the future she's hoping to create, for herself and everyone she loves.

BREATHE: The Tesla Effect Book 3

by Julie Drew on 2019-02-02

Now that Tesla Abbott has been revealed to the world as the girl who can time travel, her life is a total nightmare. In this new present she created by changing the past, the paparazzi are relentless, a black ops group will go to any lengths to figure out how she alone is able to use her father's time machine, and everyone she ever loved has been altered. Injured, alone, and filled with regret, Tesla goes to ground, forced to use the survival skills she's learned from the agency, as well as her uncanny abilities which finally feel right, as if they are truly a part of her instead of some cosmic joke being played at her expense. As dangerous forces close in, Tesla must decide what she owes others and what, despite the cost, she owes herself. In the end, the choices she makes will remake the world.