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Arriving Soon


Nobody Special

by Juniper Shore on 2019-02-26

The time has come for Reykanes to choose a wife. Gods know he doesn't want one, and no one seems to want him. Even the promise of becoming queen isn't enough to outweigh a mad husband. Still, certain things are Expected, and Reykanes knows his duty.

Liz stands at the peak of success: the greatest actress of her generation has fame, money and her choice of roles, but all anyone cares about is her love life, and the paparazzi are stalking her every move. She needs a change, and in keeping with her profession, she's going to make it dramatic.

Cawy was just minding her own business when chance turned her life upside down. Now she's been plucked from her ordinary merchant-class life and thrown into a world of wealth, intrigue and possible murder. She's going to have to learn fast if she wants to stay ahead of all the people who want to control, replace or kill her.

Onstage and off, everyone has a role to play—even the people who are nobody special.