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Alien Hero's Claimed Bride: A SciFi Alien Romance

by Juno Wells on 2019-04-19

Abducted from Earth and now I’m being sold…


Stranded and alone in a sector of space ruled by vicious queens, I’m losing hope of ever finding freedom. After being abducted, all I wanted was to escape from the aquatic species trying to sell me on the open market. They feed me cold slop every day, rough me up when I don’t do what they want, and keep me in a cage with standing room only.

One day, somehow, I’m going to turn the tables and I’ll put them in this same dirty cage. Making that happen is all I think about, because thinking about my life on Earth is too painful. They snatched me right when everything was going to hell in hand-basket.

Humans had finally organized to fight against the environmental disasters making the planet uninhabitable. I was pulling core samples on a mountain top when the aliens came for me. As it is, Earth needs me much more than the horrible aquatics intent on using me to line their pockets.


Being one of millions of warriors in the Draconian fleet makes me insignificant and dispensable. Our Queens don’t value our contributions and see us as expendable. I’ve lost my father and my brothers have been assigned throughout the fleet. I’m alone,
another faceless warrior for the cause.

All that changes when I see an alien Queen being auctioned in the city square. It makes my blood boil to see her with her hands tied above her head and her clothing ripped, exposing her pale, ripe body. When she struggles to escape, I imagine her moving on top of me in the same way. May the goddess forgive me for such deviant thoughts about the delicate and helpless Queen.

When her eyes lock with mine and she calls to me, nothing in the verse will keep me from coming to her rescue. Not even the fury of my own chain of command will keep me from her.

She is going to be mine.

Alien Commander's Reluctant Bride: A SciFi Alien Romance

by Juno Wells on 2019-01-16

For the first time in my life I'm surrounded by attractive, eligible males. If only I could choose one.


Draconian Warriors are not only drop dead gorgeous, they’re more accommodating than any other species. My younger sister and I have signed contracts with the Draconians and they’re waiting for us to choose a mate, but I can’t focus on that right now.

Kendra and I joined the bride’s registry for the dowry, enough to feed our family for year. It’s good, but Earth is dying and I’ve got an idea to help them for a lot longer. I trust the Draconians, but not with my secret plan to get supplies to our family. There’s nothing in it for them.

Our crafty Commander always has his eyes on me. I worry the handsome devil has figured out my plan. All my bad dreams have been replaced with erotic ones. I can’t look him in the eye because he’s been the star in every single one of them. Catching a glimpse of his sexy body clad only in his unders blows my mind. The dragon warrior has miles of muscles, an unbelieve wingspan and his hands are gigantic. It’s more than enough to keep me thinking dirty thoughts all day long. A distraction I don’t need right now. 


I’m dedicated to caring for the sister queens until they chose mates. I’m fascinated with them. Perhaps it’s because their closeness reminds me of my brother and I. He and I are close too.

I’ve even taken him under my wing to complete the final phase of his transition into a full-fledged warrior. It’s important he not flounder with so many queens about. Few are fitting age mates for a young warrior, he must leave a good impression if he wants to be chosen.

Queen Kearney and her sister are unlike the other human queens. The others crave luxury and delight in the exotic foods we offer, basking in the attention of our warriors. Kearney and her sister eat only ration bars, wear uniforms and sleep on the ground. They even toil in the gemstone mines.

I am strangely attracted to Kearney's solemn disposition, dedication to her sister and desire to do something besides luxuriate. She has a strong spirit and a keen intellect. The more I get to know this queen, the more fiercely protective I am.

I’ve determined none are fit to warm her bed except me. This lovely queen is becoming more precious to me with each passing day. Something about the look in her eyes tells me she’s been hurt. I’ll die before I allow anyone to harm her again.

Worry eats away at my gut and I sense an unknown danger. Therefore I remain ever vigilant. Until she chooses me.

Alien Captain's Claimed Bride: A SciFi Alien Romance

by Juno Wells on 2018-11-13

Being the only female on a ship full of hot dragon warriors would be a dream come true for most women.


If it weren’t for all the wounded pouring into her med-center, Stacy might enjoy the novelty of being surrounded by so many admiring dragon males. Even a heads up when a battle was brewing would help. However their taciturn captain left much to be desired when it came to communication.

Just when she was primed to give him a piece of her mind, he offered himself for scourging in punishment for his oversight. The poignant reminder of the abuse he’d suffered at the hands of his former queen melted away her anger. When her guard was down, she had to admit that big, scarred captain was attractive. Guarding her heart from him was going to be a nearly impossible task.


Draconian queens were deceitful, vicious and thought nothing of digging their claws into a warrior when least expected. Having been a breeder for ten long solars, Meric knew their ways well. Draconian females were hosts for parasites that fed on the pain of others. They’d lull a male into a false sense of security before unleashing horrible physical and emotional abuse.

Humans were unlike the queens he’d known. They seemed open, outgoing and almost innocent compared to Draconian queens. There was no arguing that they were clever and intelligent beings, but Meric harbored reservations about their true motivations.

He’d guard himself until he was sure they weren’t simply more skilled at deception. Especially the lovely healer who had insisted upon joining his crew. Meric knew that he spent far too much time thinking of the fair human female. It took all his discipline as a warrior not to follow her with his eyes and come running when she needed assistance. He refused to allow himself to become enamored with another cruel female, albeit it one wrapped in a beautiful package.

Alien Warrior's Captive Bride: A SciFi Alien Romance

by Juno Wells on 2018-08-21

Every now and then, when all the planets are in proper alignment, fate smiles on one lone warrior.

Earth is no longer able to support human life and trying to scratch out a meager existence is nearly impossible. Hope is reluctantly forced to sign up for the intergalactic brides program. Just as she’s getting desperate, she finds a tolerable species willing to purchase her contract.

Because nothing is ever that easy, her ship get hit by raiders and Hope can’t manage keep her big mouth shut when their alien captors begin tormenting one of the younger women. Jettisoned into space, her one and only chance at survival is in the hands of a Draconian warrior.

Larok is a lone sentinel, standing guard for his mother ship. When he comes across a frail human queen, his world tilts out of alignment. Saving her means a nasty death if his vicious Draconian queen finds out he rescued her. Risking his own life is one thing, but risking the life of his entire family and small son is another.

Snagging the beautiful human out of harm’s way results in battling against the Draconian fleet, destroying a planet and stealing a wormhole device that's their only chance at escape. Larok finds himself forced to reach his hand into the dragon’s mouth, desperate to pull victory from the jaws of defeat. By the time it’s all finished, he will either die in the glorious battle of a lifetime or end up mated to the most attractive human female in the galaxy.