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Arriving Soon


The Circle: Origins

by K.M. Montemayor on 2018-06-30

Before Lilly and Charlie, there were Michelle and Lalo

Lalo was the love of Michelle’s life. Their story isn’t a fairytale, but it is real. Damaged and broken, Michelle makes mistakes with lasting consequences. Will she make a change for the better, if not for herself, then for her daughter?

Charlie’s first trip to Earth

A chance meeting with an Earthan girl ends up being more significant than Charlie/Silas realizes. He’d met the mother of his One without even knowing.
When Silas returns to his home planet, he follows the life scripted for him by the Sentrian government. He never intended to become a blaspheming rebel and the most dangerous man on Sentria. But then, he never thought he would fall in love, either.

Is Eve short for Evil?
Growing up in poverty on Sentria with few opportunities makes Eve a bitter young woman. She is determined to move up in station and will wreck anyone who gets in her way. An unsuspecting seminary student becomes Eve’s primary target. Hosea is her ticket into the elite world of Sentrian politics. There’s only one problem—Hosea has a One, and it’s not Eve.

**Although this is a prequel, it is recommended to read it as the fourth book in the series.