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Enchanted by the Alien: A MPreg Gay Science Fiction Romance (Claimed Book 6)

by K.T. Thomason on 2017-07-17

Book 6 in the Popular Claimed Series- a hot and heavy world of MM bonding and breeding on a planet far from Earth

Despite recently defeating their enemies, the Arabellians find themselves under attack once more as one last Vulturian threat circles their atmosphere, disrupting their peace. Lucerado finds himself lingering between life and death as he waits for his true love to bring him back from the brink. Can Shane overcome the forces of darkness to become enchanted by the alien?

Author Note: This is a shorter story gay science fiction romance and is the sixth and perhaps last in the series. Be warned, if you don't like hot alien sex, a world that stretches your imagination, or the realm of Mpreg breeding- then this is not the book for you!

For all of those that are not familiar with the Claimed Series or want a refresher, please start with the Forward section to get the basics of the storyline or check out Book 1: Claimed by the Alien.

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