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Arriving Soon


Star Falling (City of Hope Book 2)

by Kali Argent on 2017-08-02

White. Everything in the city is one startling shade of white—the walls, the floor, the furniture, the clothes—and Star Donavan is over it.

Before the destruction of Earth, Star had been a highly-respected fashion designer. On Aleucia, she’s nobody, assigned to the laundry room on the lowest level of Hope. The one bright spot in her otherwise monochrome existence is the sinfully gorgeous captain of the guard, but he’s one temptation she’s determined to resist.

It’s been months since Captain Valen Otar has even looked at another female besides Star. She’s his last thought before falling asleep, and the first person he seeks out each morning. Star is his—or at least she would be if she’d stop being so stubborn. Aleucian warriors don’t beg, and they certainly don’t grovel, but he’ll do both if that’s what it takes to convince Star his feelings for her are more than just a passing fling.