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Surprising Their Mate: a Sci-Fi Holiday Romance Novella (Tharan Warrior Menage Book 7)

by Kallista Dane on 2018-11-12


I never dreamed I’d celebrate my first Christmas ever on a strange world halfway across the galaxy.

Growing up back on Earth, it was just another day at the Institute, where I lived after my parents died. There was no Santa Claus, no tree. And definitely no presents.

Maybe that’s why I’m determined to make this first Christmas with my new family special. So far, the cookies I’ve baked either look bad or taste awful. And my hot warrior twins would rather have kinky Tharan sex with me than shop for gifts or make ornaments.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE kinky Tharan sex! But I’m still learning how to be properly submissive, so I spend a lot of time bent over with my skirt pulled up while my alien mates turn my bottom cheeks as red as Santa’s hat.

Who knew celebrating Christmas would be so hard?

Author’s note: Surprising Their Mate is a sweet HOT holiday treat! It’s a standalone novella but you might like to find out how Kyra, her cyborg mates Jax and Jynn, and their adopted daughter Ceres became a family in Theirs to Tame: Tharan Warrior Menage Book 2.

Chaos Born: A Sci-Fi Menage Romance (Warriors of the Seven Stars Book 2)

by Kallista Dane on 2018-10-24



The Lord of Darkness is determined to conquer our world - and claim me as his bride.

I once ruled the World of the Seven Stars as the Virgin Queen. But tonight I will kneel in shameful submission before two stern masters.

The Oracle says I'm fated to mate with them both. That only together can we defeat an enemy old as the Universe.

Two powerful warriors have agreed to join my fight. On one condition. They have dark desires of their own. Savage hungers. If I don't obey their every command tonight, no matter how wicked - I'll be punished.

Author's Note: Chaos Born is a standalone novel in the World of the Seven Stars. It’s an MFM romance featuring two sexy Alpha males, one strong-willed queen, and lots of heat!

Her Savage Mate: a Sci Fi Alien Alpha Romance

by Kallista Dane on 2018-05-22

Crash landed on an alien world. Lost in a jungle. Captured by a savage. Now I have a choice. Mate with their prince - or die.
It’s been a rough day.

Except I don’t have a choice. Not really. The High Priest threatens to put my entire crew to death unless I agree. So I make him a deal. I’ll mate with the future king and give him an heir – in exchange for their freedom.

Turns out my new mate is a mouth-watering, seven foot tall bronze hunk. He’s so hot he could be the star of one of the tacky romance novels I’m secretly addicted to.

Unfortunately this planet requires females to obey their mates or be disciplined. I’m not the submissive type, so I get punished by my new mate. A lot. But I’m determined this alien alpha will never break me. Night after night I defy him.

As time goes on, his stern discipline and passionate lovemaking are awakening dark desires in me. Wicked desires I’ve never felt before.

I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.
A note from the author: Her Savage Mate is based on the characters in my story in the USA TODAY bestselling box set Alien Alphas. I’ve added lots of steamy hot new scenes to make it a full-length standalone novel.

Defending their Mate: a Sci-Fi alien romance (Tharan Warrior Menage Book 6)

by Kallista Dane on 2018-04-05

ONE captive human
TWO battle-scarred alien warriors
THREE Gornian dragons

They won her heart –
Now they’re fighting for her life

Aliya’s fellow crew members from the Luna are all happily mated to hot Tharan twins. But Aartan, the sexy mature doctor who makes her heart race, doesn’t seem interested in her. What’s more, he’s shrouded in mystery. He doesn’t have a mate and no one will tell her what happened to his twin.

When she challenges him to kiss her and then swear he’s not attracted to her, Aliya unleashes the passionate warrior hidden beneath his cool façade. After one night of pleasure more intense than she’s ever known, he tells her they can never be together and sends her away.

But when Bophe, an old enemy from the past, kidnaps Aliya and threatens to have his Gornian dragons tear her limb from limb in the Arena of Tanis Major, she discovers she has not one, but two fierce Tharan warriors who will fight any foe in the Universe to the death to win her freedom.

A note from the author:
Defending Their Mate is a standalone romance in the Tharan Menage series featuring the Luna’s medical officer Aliya Rashadaman, raised by Himalayan mystics, and a pair of battle-scarred warriors with dark secrets in their past. They’re very different from the heroes in my other books in the series. But I promise you’ll get an unexpected surprise HEA!

Claiming Their Mate: a Sci-Fi Alien Dark Romance (Tharan Warrior Menage Book 5)

by Kallista Dane on 2018-02-15


Zandyr and Zhynn are Tharan Warriors, sent to the desert planet of Borvaan. Their mission: uncover the barbarian ruler’s plan to wage war on neighboring worlds - and rescue the human female sold to his harem.

Delta Greystone served as First Mate on the Earther ship Luna and the Tharans have been ordered to find and free her. They’ve been warned the pheromones of a human female will stir their gyron, awakening a savage need to dominate her and claim her as their mate. Together, as is the Tharan way.

Back on Earth, sex with her ex-fiancee was just one more thing for Delta to tick off her to-do list. But the hot alien twins awaken wicked desires she’s never had before and their thrilling mastery drives her wild.

When Delta finds out their spying has been discovered and their lives are in danger, she sets out across the burning sands to save the twins. Alone and on foot. Will Zandyr and Zhynn track her down in time – or will the merciless desert kill all three before the twins can claim her as their Tharan mate?

Mastering Their Mate: a Sci-Fi Alien Dark Romance (Tharan Warrior Menage Book 4)

by Kallista Dane on 2017-11-15


When Saige joined an all-female crew on the Luna, she never dreamed the ship would be hijacked by space pirates. Now she's been sold as a Consort to the Rapture Dome, forced to entertain alien males from the farthest corners of the galaxy who work in the mines on the Girra Sola asteroid.

Tharan twins Keir and Khaun are on an undercover mission on Girra Sola and they need information from the little human. But they've been warned that getting close to the pheromones of a female from Earth will stir their gyron, awakening a powerful need to dominate her and claim her as their Mate.

Though she tries to resist, Saige finds their mastery wildly arousing. Soon she is planning to enlist their help to escape from the Rapture Dome while dreaming of spending endless nights with the sensuous alien warriors after she's free.

Keir and Khaun say they love her and want to take her as their Mate. Together, as is the Tharan custom. But when she sees them entertaining another consort, Saige's trust in the twins is shattered.

If she's going to escape from the Rapture Dome, Saige has to put her life in their hands. But after what they did, can she ever give them her heart?

Mastering Their Mate is a full-length MFM standalone novel with a HEA featuring one feisty human female and two hot alien warriors. It's Book 4 in the series, but you don't need to read the other books to enjoy this one - although once you're introduced to these Tharan twins, you may want to meet all the others!

Punishing Their Mate: A Dark Alien Romance Novella: Tharan Warrior Menage Book 3

by Kallista Dane on 2017-10-12

She's been rescued by hot alien twins. Taken to their home planet. Now she's about to discover what being their Mate REALLY means!

Cass Randall gave up command of the Earther starship Luna to experience life on the alien world of Tharon, where every male is born with an identical twin. She's been told Tharan tradition dictate that females take a pair of dominant brothers as her mates.

Cass's hosts have opened her eyes to the pleasures of spending time with not one but two dominant warriors.
When they declare their love and ask her to celebrate their union with a formal Mating ceremony, Cass is thrilled - until she learns first hand what happens when a Mate breaks the rules on the planet of Tharon!

Punishing Their Mate is an MFM menage romance novella with a HEA. It's a new story about Cass Randall and Tharan twins Rhynn and Rhom first introduced in Book One: Their Captive Mate.

Theirs to Tame: A Sci-Fi Alien Dark Romance: Tharan Warrior Menage Book 2

by Kallista Dane on 2017-07-06

Kidnapped by space pirates. Sold as a slave. Lieutenant Kyra Banks figured things couldn’t get much worse. Until she finds out her new owner bought her to compete in the infamous Arena of Tanis Major.
For thousands of years, the Arena has been the site of the most ferocious battles in the galaxy. Alien warriors from every corner of the Universe battle to the death, while their owners wager the fate of entire worlds on the outcome.
Kyra hungered for love and adventure, the life she’d only read about in romance novels. When she signed on as Chief Engineer of the Luna, Kyra never imagined a pair of cyborgs from an alien world would make her dreams a reality.
Tharan warriors Jax and Jynn are in a race against time. Space pirates invaded their planet and kidnapped dozens of females. The cyborg twins and their team captured the pirates and the Luna, the Earther ship they hijacked. With the help of its remaining crew member Kyra, they’re tracking down females the pirates sold as slaves before the trail gets cold and they disappear into the harems of alien warlords or Rapture Dome brothels on asteroid outposts.
They’ve taken charge of her ship. Now they’re in a battle of wills to take charge of Kyra herself. The fiery little human awakens their need to dominate as no other female ever has and they’re determined to master her and make her their mate.
Instead of being cold machines, Kyra discovers the cyborgs who rescued her are still all male. Their gyron, a potent blend of alien hormones, is an aphrodisiac to human females and Kyra soon finds herself falling under their spell. But she can’t allow herself to give up control and surrender to them completely.
Following a lead, Kyra heads off alone on an alien world. When she’s seized and sold to the owner of the Arena, she’s forced to muster up skills and cunning she never knew she possessed to stay alive.
She’s fighting for her life. They’re fighting for her heart.