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Belonging to the Dragon: Lick of Fire (Dragon Lovers Book 2)

by Kara Lockharte on 2018-08-28

I am DONE with dragons.

Especially my childhood friend, billionaire dragonshifter Lucas Randall, who claims I’m his mate.

But I’m not the housekeeper’s daughter anymore. No Randall is going to dictate my life again.

So what if he’s more than six feet of shockingly ripped muscle and I-know-you-Lana eyes.
So what if his fiery touch makes me want a future I can never have.

So what if all my body wants is to say yes, yes, YES.

I will deny it all.

Even if every atom in my messed up body craves him.

I’ve got secrets he can never know.

To mate the dragon is to condemn him to death.

Lucas doesn’t know what I am. But he will if he’s around me much longer.

I won’t let that happen.

Because I’m a monster now too.

In Search of Skye: A Space Shifters Chronicles Story

by Kara Lockharte on 2018-05-03

He's controlling, demanding, and superior – and now he’s going to be her husband.

Ex-Coalition pilot Skye Daring has survived falling in love with Prince Ral, the hottest werewolf in space.

All those rumors about werewolf stamina and insatiability? Confirmed.

The ones about werewolves preferring to eat only live squirming food? Not so much.

After everything she’s been through, interstellar battles, zombies, and space pirates, a formal state dinner with his dad should be cake, right?

But when an old enemy kidnaps her and dumps her in the middle of a battlefield, Skye’s going to have to take a crash course in survival without her space armor, her rank, or her ship…before she’s used to start a war.



This is a short story that continues the adventures of werewolf Prince Ral and fighter pilot Captain Skye Daring from WANTED BY THE WEREWOLF PRINCE.

However, if you hate spoilers and haven’t read TAKEN BY THE TIGERLORD, STOP HERE!

Although this story takes place after WEREWOLF PRINCE and during the events of TIGERLORD, there is a HUGE spoiler at the end of this book for TIGERLORD.

If you like strong personalities, great sex, and a love beyond the stars, make sure to pick up WANTED BY THE WEREWOLF PRINCE and TAKEN BY THE TIGERLORD before you read this story!

The Lady and the Tigershifter: Space Shifters Chronicles Christmas

by Kara Lockharte on 2017-12-05

Space pirates? Here?
Solstice Week should be a time to celebrate.
Not a time to chase a tomb raiding tigershifter through a cold alien swamp.

When librarian-guardian Seria discovers a vandal raiding the ancient site she's charged with protecting, she pursues to bring him to justice.
Obviously, being captured by space pirates and caged with the criminal wasn’t part of the plan.
Now she and the irritatingly handsome rogue must work together to free themselves or be enslaved.
Little does she know, that the tigershifter is more than he seems…and might just be a greater part of her destiny.

Reader Note: This is a prequel short story to the novel TAKEN BY THE TIGERLORD with a happy-for-now ending. No prior knowledge of any previous books are required.

Taken By The Tigerlord: a sexy tiger shifter paranormal psychic space opera action romance (Space Shifter Chronicles Book 2)

by Kara Lockharte on 2017-11-16

He loved, lied, then left her.
Now she's supposed to marry him?!

Newly disowned princess Seria is tired of shifters trying to control her destiny. All Seria wants is to return to the orderly librarian life she had before scheming royals got involved in her future. But when she inadvertently becomes a political pawn trapped in marriage to the handsome oversexed tigershifter who betrayed her, it will take all of her resourcefulness to fight her true desires...

Destiny says she's his.
And that he will be her death.

Tigerlord Kai of the House of Stargazer has always known he was destined to die a hero. But when a power play for his position drops his luscious fated mate into his inner sanctum, Kai realizes Seria's crucial role in his doomed destiny. Saving the universe will require sacrificing not only his life, but also hers. It’s a fate he’ll do anything to change, even if it costs him her love…

You can’t fight fate…unless you’re a Tigerlord…..

Wanted By The Werewolf Prince: a paranormal space adventure fantasy romance (Space Shifters Chronicles Book 1)

by Kara Lockharte on 2017-10-18

The toughest pilot in the universe...and the werewolf prince who will claim her.

She's bold, fearless and disobedient--which always gets her in trouble.
He's controlling, demanding, and superior--which always gets him what he wants.

Captain Skye Daring is a space fighter pilot without equal. Rescuing a foreign werewolf prince and his sister from behind enemy lines should be a breeze.

Prince Ral doesn’t take orders from impudent humans. He’s determined to save not only his sister and but his people they left behind. The only thing in his way is a sexy pilot too stubborn to acknowledge his authority.

Stuck in a crippled ship and hunted by tiger shifters, Skye and Ral must stop fighting each other and battle the enemy -- together. Will the prince and pilot drop their guards long enough to conquer their dislike…and desire?

READER NOTE: This story features sizzling hot emotions (and physical actions) with an awesome HEA. Only for readers who like their sexy times action to be explicit! Please also note that in this book the laws of quantum astro-physics have been modified for your story-telling pleasure (as in the use of faster than light travel via portals made by ancient space leviathans).

A Finalist in the 2017 Pages From The Heart Contest!