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Deja vu: Period of Mourning Part Two

by Karen Robinson on 2018-07-29

Rene Quinn has spent two years in the psychiatric ward after the loss of her husband Daniel. She still blames herself for his death. Rene stumbles onto a book concerning the subject of parallel worlds. Through study and meditation Rene finds that Daniel is still alive and well in an alternate reality. Rene successfully travels to that other world only to find that many of the people she knows have counterparts there who are different than the people she knew. Some are good and some are not so good. Can Rene avoid being mistaken for her counterpart with a criminal record and can she find Daniel and convince him that he once knew and loved her?

Period of Mourning Part II: De Je Vu

by Karen Robinson on 2018-07-25

For almost two years Rene Quinn has been in the psychiatric ward. She still blames herself after the loss of her husband and having dealt with his angry ghost in what was their apartment. Her brother Gene (the attorney) stumbles on to a book that explains the concepts of parallel worlds. Believing that this book can help Rene, he checks her out of the hospital and takes full responsibility for her. Rene finds that the book holds secrets about getting to parallel worlds with unusual meditation techniques and exercises. She realizes that Daniel has a counterpart in that world, but will he take to her like that Daniel that she knew? She also discovers that some of the people from the realm she knows have counterparts there as well, but their personalities are different. Some of them are good, and some are not so good. Rene finds she must adjust to life in that alternate reality, without being confused for her counterpart with a criminal past. Staying out of trouble and finding her lost love proves to be a real challenge.

It Was a Better Time: Her true love came from the future

by Karen Robinson on 2018-05-29

Initially Alice Page was struck and killed by a car in 1972. Through some bizarre accident Eric Foster is transported back in time over 50 years. Eric saves Alice from what would have been a fatal accident. With no way to get back to the 21st century, Eric must adjust to life in 1972. Alice, who has trouble believing his story at first must help him adjust. Getting advice from a professor at her college, Alice and Eric soon realize that they're both in the same boat now. Neither of them are supposed to be there. The professor who also had trouble believing Eric's story informs them that anything that they do, even with good intentions can alter the future and quite possibly prevent Eric's existence AND prevent him from going back and saving Alice. Alice and Eric both must keep a low profile for the rest of their lives. Soon romance ignites between the two of them and they find that they love one another.