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BLISS: An Adult Fairy Tale

by Karen Trotter Elley on 2019-01-06

Sci-fi, Romance, Fantasy, Spiritual Allegory, otherwise known as a Paranormal Romance. BLISS is a starving being headed for a banquet...EARTH.
When Bliss, a spiritual teacher on the distant planet Arias, falls for one of his pupils, he incarnates to be with his beloved Gabrielle. Due to a misunderstanding, the love affair suddenly ends as quickly as it had begun. Emotionally devastated, Bliss seeks revenge and becomes the ultimate cosmic Casanova. Equipped with chameleon and telepathic abilities, Bliss is adept at reading a woman’s mind, discovering her dream lover and shape shifting into that identity.
Embarking on a thrilling spree, he seduces Cassandra, a powerful sorceress and learns about the wrath of a woman scorned. She places a curse on Bliss, forcing him to feed on the heightened emotions of women in the throes of sexual ecstasy. In a short span, Bliss becomes an emotional vampire, forever seeking the fix he must have to slake his hunger and prolong his life.
In his relentless pursuit of passion, he makes a mistake and lands on a planet where he is forced–by a lack of emotions–to fast until he locates a new home.
Bliss is a starving being headed for a banquet—Earth.
Once there, he finds more than he bargained for in the arms of Victoria, a beautiful psychic.
Seeking redemption, Bliss employs astral travel, time travel and cryogenics on a journey through time and space to face the truth about his dark past and the consequences of his actions.