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Arriving Soon


Darcy: A Here She Rules novel

by Kat Brewer on 2018-08-21

Darcy is one of the most recognizable and famous singer on Earth when the Portal sweeps her away from the only life she has ever known. In the blink of an eye she finds herself adrift and alone in a strange new world. As she finds her place in the new world she experiences the deepest love and world shattering grief as she discovers her inner warrior.

Willow: The Chronicles of Erla: Book 2

by Kat Brewer on 2017-07-03

A brilliant Physicist and a tough as nails Marine Captain team up to retrieve their friend Cassie from the other world.
Willow, Nelson and Cassandra were friends from childhood and had remained close their whole lives. When Nelson believes he has discovered the secret behind his friend's disappearance he recreates the phenomenonin his lab.
Willow agrees to go through the Portal to retrieve their friend and bring her home.
When Willow discovers she cannot return home she blames Cassie. Will she be able to work through her anger and forgive her friend?
Can a US Marine Corp Captain, who fought against suppression and subjugation reconcile to a country where the customs and conduct is so different from her own?