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BEATRICE (Baby Whisperers Book 3)

by Kate Kent on 2018-03-22

BEATRICE - Almost Secret Baby Romance (Baby Whisperers)

A Pretty BBW + A Messy Shifter Bear = A Sloppy Kind of Juicy Love!

Career woman Haley Green is crazy about Hamish (Ham) Grizzard. But he seems to spend his time goofing off and playing the field. He’s not exactly mate material.

When Haley finds out she’s pregnant she’s in shock. She doesn’t want Ham to think she’s trapped him and she doesn’t think he’s ready to be a dad. He can barely take care of himself so how can he take care of a baby? Haley decides she will raise the baby herself and Ham never has to know.

Ham Grizzard has a laid back approach to life. But right now he’s got a few problems. There’s the Carnivores gang up the street wreaking havoc in the neighborhood. He’s busy working on computer projects. And his brother is trying to parent him. He likes playing the field but he can’t get one sexy BBW named Haley out of his head. But there’s no way he’s ready to settle down or is he?

Beatrice is a BBW Paranormal Almost Secret Baby Shapeshifter Romance. This is the third and final story in the Baby Whisperers series. These stories include strong sexual themes and language.

Scratch and Win Shifters: Libby (Lovebites Lottery Book 1)

by Kate Kent on 2017-12-16

Scratch and Win Shifters: Libby (Lovebites Lottery)

Who else wants to win a smoking hot shifter in the 'Lovebites Lottery’?

BBW Libby Polan scratches to win a sexy, hunky surprise in the Sunshine State's 'Lovebites Lottery'! Curvy girl Libby is barely making ends meet when she buys a scratch-off ticket at Foodies Market. Visions of winning cash, trips and cars float thru her pretty head. But when she discovers the prize is a sexy, beefcake shifter she’s in shock!

Handsome bear shifter Justin King is ready for his forever mate and enters into the lottery pool. To his delight he’s matched with the first winner, Libby. But she seems to prefer money to love. And her friends aren’t happy with her new attitude.

Will Libby and Justin make a match? Can Libby resolve her differences with her friends?

Scratch and Win Shifters: Libby is a BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance. This is a standalone novella and the first story in the 'Lovebites Lottery' series. These paranormal romances can be read in any order. The story includes strong sexual themes and language.