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Lion Tamed (Shifter Heat Book 4)

by Kate Kent on 2018-09-25

Lion Tamed - STANDALONE Hot n’ Steamy Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance

Pretty BBW gets physical with hot and hunky lion shifter!

Clara Wright is crazy about her hunky lion shifter boyfriend Noah Mills and he loves his curvy cutie. They are ripe to mate and take the next step--moving in together. And Noah’s ‘almost in the bag’ promotion can make it happen.

Though Noah loves every inch of her curvalicious body, Clara knows she’s packed on the pounds. She’s ready to tighten and tone and get in the best shape possible for him and for herself. To kick her butt in gear she enters the ‘Fit and Fab’ contest and works out with ‘7 Days’ super trainer Veronica. She’s never been able to stick to a diet before but the new plan her trainer suggests is surprisingly easy to do and it works!

Everything is looking great but Clara and Noah are in for a shock when Corporate at ‘7 Days’ makes a stunning announcement. And Clara finds there are a lot of nasty, mean, jealous girls out there.

Will Clara and Noah be able to move in together? Can Clara lose those pesky pounds that have bothered her for years easily and permanently?

Lion Tamed is a BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance. This is a standalone novella and the fourth and final story in the Shifter Heat series. These paranormal romances can be read in any order. This novel includes steamy scenes, spicy language, and sweaty hot content. If you like the sound of that, then this book is for you!

Baby Whisperers: Complete Edition

by Kate Kent on 2018-04-23

Baby Whisperers: Complete Edition

It's an Almost Secret Baby Romance! Baby Whisperers: Complete Edition includes all of the Baby Whisperers novellas and covers. These paranormal bear shifter romances include lots of loving, romance, and suspense.

Olive -

Hot Bear Shifter Wants Cute and Curvy BBW for a Lifetime of Pleasure!

What happens when the hot man you slept with turns out to be a jerk and you discover you're pregnant with his child? Julie Morton's been hurt in the past so the last thing she's looking for is a relationship. But her hunky co-worker, bear shifter Trent Grizzard knows she's the one for him.

The chemistry is undeniable and when the two get together at a party - it's on! But then comes one shock after another as Julie realizes Trent may not want her as his life mate after all. And she discovers there's a little surprise growing in her tummy.

But Julie does not want a jerk for her baby daddy. Can she keep it a secret?

Emily -

A Sassy BBW Aching for Love + One Hot Bear Ready and Willing = A Blazing Hot Romance!

Avery Grizzard has secretly lusted after her brothers' bestie Colby Lewis for years. When he comes back to town she makes an all out play for his attention but she gets much more than she bargained for!

Hunky bear shifter Colby is shocked to find Ham and Trent's little sister is all grown up. She's cute, curvy and sassy. He can't stop thinking about her. But he's down on his luck and with his history of drinking and womanizing - her brothers' would likely kill him if he messed with her.

Avery doesn't want Colby to feel pressured, after all she practically threw her sexy, curvacious body at him. And sadly she realizes he may not be the best baby daddy. Should she keep the little one growing in her tummy a secret?

Beatrice -

A Pretty BBW + A Messy Shifter Bear = A Sloppy Kind of Juicy Love!

Career woman Haley Green is crazy about Hamish Grizzard. But he seems to spend his time goofing off and playing the field. He’s not exactly mate material.

When Haley finds out she’s pregnant she’s in shock. She doesn’t want Ham to think she’s trapped him and she doesn’t think he’s ready to be a dad. He can barely take care of himself so how can he take care of a baby? Haley decides she will raise the baby herself and Ham never has to know.

Ham Grizzard has a laid back approach to life. But right now he’s got a few problems. There’s the Carnivores gang up the street wreaking havoc in the neighborhood. He’s busy working on computer projects. And his brother is trying to parent him. He likes playing the field but he can’t get one sexy BBW named Haley out of his head. But there’s no way he’s ready to settle down or is he?

Get ready to enjoy love, laughter and romance in Baby Whisperers: Complete Edition!

Scratch and Win Shifters: AMY Christmas Love (Lovebites Lottery Book 2)

by Kate Kent on 2017-12-18

Scratch and Win Shifters: AMY Christmas Love (Lovebites Lottery)

Who else wants their stocking stuffed by a Santa shifter?

Curvy girl Amy Bowen is totally NOT in the holiday spirit! Her boss is a total jerk and Christmas is overrated. Things go from bad to worse when she accidently collides with a Christmas tree and destroys several hundred dollars’ worth of ornaments and baked goods.

Insanely hot, wolf shifter Josh Sterling is volunteering as Santa Claus to spread joy and cheer. He loves everything about the holidays! When he is matched to Amy in the ‘Lovebites Lottery’ he wants her to feel the holiday magic too.

Will Amy lose her ‘bah humbug’ attitude or will Josh be stuck with someone who deserves a lump of coal instead of a delicious yule log?

Scratch and Win Shifters: AMY Christmas Love is a BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance. This is a standalone novella and the second story in the ‘Lovebites Lottery’ series. These paranormal romances can be read in any order. The story includes strong sexual themes and language.