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Arriving Soon


At Night's End (The Beryllian Alliance Book 1)

by Katherine Matzen on 2019-04-30

A devastated young widow. A Master Healer. Add in a private investigator and…alien foodies?

Healer Lateef D’Oro’s first mistake was accepting a friend’s invitation to a state dinner with a newly re-discovered race. The Alliance hoped to make them allies in the war against the Falgarans. His second was mortally offending his hosts. Wounded while escaping in a lifepod he lands near Folly Springs, Colorado.

Bringing the injured healer to her mountain home was Danielle Hamilton’s first mistake. She needed to be alone with her dog and her grief. Feeding the otherworldly search party hot on his heels was her second. But feeding people had always solved most of her problems.

Then a PI claims to be looking for the man she helped, but more of his questions involve her. When strange footprints are found in her yard, the PI hangs around to protect her, even though she tells him to leave.

Falling for the handsome healer was Danielle’s third mistake.

Lateef believes she’s a gift from a loving fate, not a mistake.

When the groups collide, can Danielle prevent a war that will engulf an unprepared Earth?