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Welcome to the Real World: Chronicles of the Wildlings, Volume 1, Book 1

by Kathleen Hein on 2018-12-18

At 33, Kate’s life was… fine. Living in Boston, she’s a migrant nerd for hire. She’s got an apartment with her best friend Hannah conveniently across the hall, which works out well for them both. Hannah reminds Kate to actually venture out and interact with people in 3D, and Kate is available when another of Hannah’s relationships goes horribly awry and there needs to be an emergency application of Halo Top & Queer Eye to remind oneself that there is good in the world and all is not lost.

It’s not exactly what others might see as ideal, but Kate’s also a girl who spent some time in a psych ward at age 17 because she walked in on what she swore was a monster killing her aunt and then made the mistake of telling everyone afterwards that she scared it away by shooting fire out of her hands.

So with that context, Kate’s actually pretty good with her status quo of freedom from institutionalization and not rocking the boat by risking crazy. In fact, a good portion of Kate’s daily life energy has been allotted to valiantly attempting to ignore anything to do with The Then, & fully concentrating on The Now.

Until one day, her bracelet fell off, this guy named Declan shows up in the subway talking about monsters, suddenly there actually were monsters in the subway, and shit just went all kinds of sideways where the monsters are now dead and on fire and Kate is left with… this guy.

Declan Nolan. Leader of the Wildlings, a group who defend the world from those seeking to harm humanity. Declan informs Kate that not only is she not crazy, but it’s time to join their world.

And thus does our adventure begin.


Welcome to the Wildlings. Born of need, driven by destiny, six strangers have come together over the centuries to create not just a force for good, but a family none of them ever expected.

At the center are Kate and Declan. Two lovers separated by time, slowly making their way to one another again.

Fight for your fairy tale. It's worth the wait.