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Rose of Petrichoria Omnibus

by Katie Hauenstein on 2019-06-14

Miriam's life was pretty easy before it happened. Sure, she was a widowed mother, but nothing was abnormal. She had an adorable daughter, a doting mother-in-law, no debts, and plenty of time to spend on whatever she wished.

All that changed when Miriam began getting strange hang-up calls. Those hang-up calls turned into threats. Then, one day, she was followed and her life changed forever.

Miriam learned the life she knew never really happened, and she knew nothing of the life she really had. How can she move past her false life? How will she navigate her real life? How will she deal with all these people demanding so much of her when she can barely find the motivation to continue existence?

Follow Miriam's journey as she goes from being a widowed mother to becoming the Rose of Petrichoria, the Crown Princess of a kingdom in a post-pandemic world. She will encounter new enemies, fall in love, and lose people she forgot were close to her.

All four books in the Rose of Petrichoria series are included in this omnibus edition.