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Arriving Soon


Alien Christmas

by Kaye Manro on 2018-12-21


Captain Lorcan explores the sectors from his spacecraft conducting a futile search for his planet’s lost colonists. When he finds a beautiful Sedorian female on an obscure planet at the edge of the galaxy, his mission is to bring her home. Unbeknownst to him, she is on the cusp of her first Zsan Zar, the Sedorian mating ritual.

Led by her glowing pendant, Adria follows a faint blue light deep into the snowy forest. She runs headlong into the mysterious Lorcan who seduces her onto his ship. Once on board, they begin an adventure that will change both their lives forever.

Is their love strong enough to defy the odds or will they lose each other beyond the stars?

All Hallows Ever: A Soul-Love Story

by Kaye Manro on 2017-10-11

Boston, October 1966

When rock musician Nick Zelmenis finds out his band must dress in costume to perform at the All Hallows Eve music gig he is in a quandary over what to wear. His lover ballet dancer Krista McBaine and a few good friends come up with a groovy sci-fi costume idea for the band’s big night. But a devastating incident occurs just before the show and everything falls apart. Nick must pull out all the stops and call upon his innate psychic abilities. He knows beyond doubt if he can’t figure it out fast something tragic is going to happen to the one he loves.