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Nero Kingdom: A Space Fantasy Romance (The Neron Rising Saga Book 7)

by Keary Taylor on 2019-06-18

It’s been rumored about in bedtime stories for decades. Nova has seen it in her visions. It’s too dangerous to get within a league of. But those aboard Deliverance have arrived at Glorra Quin Lune, the planet Cyrillius stole Nova from.

Everything is uncertain. How will they land on a planet entirely engulfed in Neron? How could anyone survive that blast? What will they find if they make their way to the surface? And will it change everything Nova knows about herself? It’s time for her to confront the past she was too young to remember, and try to save the family she can’t recall.

Cyrillius has now lost two Nero and he made the mistake of telling Nova his plan. He’s on his way to the Frozen Kingdom to come claim a new child. It’s time to take care of him once and for all. Justice is going to taste sweet.

Neron Wars: A Space Fantasy Romance (The Neron Rising Saga Book 6)

by Keary Taylor on 2019-05-07

The time for war has arrived. It's time to take a stand.

It's time for Cyrillius to die.

The adventure continues with Neron Wars!

Nero Nights: A Space Fantasy Romance (The Neron Rising Saga Book 5)

by Keary Taylor on 2019-03-19

Nova and Valen barely escaped Isroth with their lives and now they’ve crash-landed on an empty planet—no people, no tools to fix their ship. Nova has spent her life building and creating mechanics, but this is the most advanced vessel in the galaxy, and she can’t figure out what’s wrong with it.

But maybe the crash was a blessing in disguise. They’ve seen their entire lives together, but this is the first real time they’ve ever had with one another. This is their chance to see if their future is worth fighting for, and if there is anything between them besides attraction and fate.

On this empty planet, there is no fighting, no war, no conflict. Their days and nights are filled with uncertain glances, soft touches, and life-altering vows.

What was once never a question is now a serious consideration: do they even want to fix the ship, or is this the beginning of a brand new, perfect life?

Nero Blood: A Space Fantasy Romance (The Neron Rising Saga Book 4)

by Keary Taylor on 2019-02-12

Dominion’s strong hold, the planet Isroth, is crawling with soldiers, and worse—the Kinduri. Nova knew her mission was impossible, but hiding the truth of what she really is may be the most critical thing she’s ever done.

Presented to Cyrillius as the fugitive he’s been chasing for lunars, the last thing Nova expected was to be complimented and revered by the man, praised for her work. The destroyer of planets has offered her a job, and it’s one Nova can’t refuse.

She came to Isroth with a goal: kill Cyrillius. But something is wrong. She just…can’t. Something is stopping her. Maybe she judged Valen for not being able to leave Cyrillius too harshly. Maybe he truly just can’t.

Time is ticking. Because the longer it takes her to figure their freedom out, the more sense Cyrillius and Dominion is starting to make.

Nero Awakening: A Space Fantasy Romance (The Neron Rising Saga Book 3)

by Keary Taylor on 2019-01-15

The Bahiri are real and Nova has found them hidden away on an invisible planet. With their help, she’s finally ready to accept what she is: a Nero. She has to train, to learn how to use her abilities, and she’s got years’ worth of catching up to do. Desperate, she’ll push herself—possibly beyond her limits.

But learning how to use her abilities not only awakens her capability to control Neron, but her power to see the future. Going to sleep is a nightmare and heaven, all in the same breath. Her future hasn’t changed—it’s still with Valen Nero, standing and ruling by his side. Every morning she wakes, gutted and alone. Her visions of the love between them aren’t real. At least…not yet.

Nova is losing her mind. Her heart is fractured, and conflicted into knots. How is she supposed to let him go, to walk away from the galaxy’s second cruelest man, when she knows what kind of love they could have?

The time for a choice has come: stay on Salypso where it’s safe, where Cyrillius will never find her. Or take what she has learned as a Nero and try to change her future, and that of the galaxy.

Neron Skies: A Space Fantasy Romance (The Neron Rising Saga Book 2)

by Keary Taylor on 2018-12-18

Dominion has Nova’s face and Reena’s name—Cyrillius will use and kill them if they’re caught. But being on the run in space isn’t so bad, Nova’s always wanted a different life, and she’s got it now.

It started with a rumor, that the Bahiri still exist—peaceful worshipers of the Nero and Neron. After what happened on Korpillion, Valen told Nova to find them, and to stay away from him. So that’s where the wanted crew aboard The Corsair is headed, across the entire galaxy to the G sector. Nova wants answers about what she did and how it’s possible.

She’s in denial. About what she might be. About where her heart lies. She knows Valen Nero is a bad man, so why is he the only one who fills the hollowness in her chest? Why does she ask him to keep his promise: I will come for you, Nova. And when he does, she’ll learn the truth about him, and what happened to shape him into the man he is today.

Neron Rising: A Space Fantasy Romance (The Neron Rising Saga Book 1)

by Keary Taylor on 2018-11-27

“I…am nothing.”
He takes a step forward, shaking his head twice, with absolute conviction. “You’re not nothing, Nova.”

In the Eon galaxy, Dominion controls any planet with solid Neron deposits, and Nova just found out they’re coming for hers. Korpillion isn’t supposed to have any Neron—the galaxy’s purest form of energy—but Nova Ainsley has been working with the owner of a secret mine for months, building highly illegal weapons that can wield Neron. She wants off Korpillion, and selling these weapons will buy her and her father a ticket to another planet in the galaxy.

Neron is incredible on its own, but there are those who can wield it to their will, granting them the ability to read minds, see the future, and destroy worlds—the Nero. But this is a galaxy where they are ceasing to exist, and Dominion owns the last one in the known universe, using him to take over and destroy billions of lives.

An encounter with the last Nero shows Nova her future: it’s with him. She will stand by his side one day, her fingers laced through his, love and adoration in both their eyes, a dark queen to his evil, pawn king.

Fate or destiny, Nova will do whatever it takes to change their future, and that of the galaxy.

The Neron Rising Saga is a series of episodes. Episode One is 30,000 words. Neron Rising is a slow-burn space-fantasy romance.