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Arriving Soon



by Kelda Poynot on 2019-06-14

After a horrific, two-vehicle accident, Beth awakens as the sole survivor with no memory of her past life. At her bedside, waits a virtual stranger, Darren, her best friend and roommate. Beth has many questions about who she is, and as a true friend, Darren fills in the gaps. She is distressed to learn about her promiscuous past, but strangely enough, Darren was the only one with whom she was never intimate. Despite their lack of physical intimacy, he knows everything about her. He was there with her through her more-than-typical, young adult tragedies. During this foggy time, new friendships develop. In addition, Darren’s quirky, high school, gifted students interject humor, while challenging Darren to make crucial, life decisions. Beth’s subconscious, through vivid dreams, begins to piece together mysteries surrounding the accident and a past life. Unexplainable memories cause her to question her sanity, until she comes face-to-face with the picture of the other victims from the crash. While Beth is coming to terms with the supernatural, Darren is confronted with the choice of letting go of the Beth he once knew and falling in love with the Beth he knows now.