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First Contact: Book One in The Deepening Series (A Space Rock Opera Romance Adventure)

by Kelly Brewer on 2019-03-09

Don’t Miss This Breakout Space Opera Romance!

An ex-Marine-turned-rock-god thought his group was skyrocketing to off-planet glory. 

… Notsomuch.

Things started out well for Kyle Supplantis, the first rock star in history to entertain anyone other than Earthlings. Unfortunately, his groundbreaking tour of the inhabited solar system, circa A.D. 2492, ends in an unexpected fashion: 

At the final sold-out show orbiting Neptune, Kyle is serenading Mercy, his brand-new beautiful wife, the daughter of a Jupiter billionaire … when he is suddenly faced with a deadly choice for him and his new family.

The question becomes: Can a rock star save humanity from complete annihilation?

Can he and his crew complete their raucous journey as a series of horrific events lead to a shocking revelation that will change humanity forever?

And could they be more brilliant, bombastic and bedazzling while they do it?

That’s one question we can answer, at least: No. No, they could not.

Told through sensually dramatic scenes and enlivened with tongue-in-cheek humor, Kelly Brewer’s First Contact is itself a groundbreaking read. It combines the epic venue of classic space opera with the winky-face bravado of the modern generation, resulting in a rollicking story drawn from Greek mythology and other influences.

With subtle critiques of big government and organized religion, and even more subtle spiritual overtones, this book will delight thoughtful readers who seek literary expansions of the mind … and just darn good sci-fi. Good luck finding a more entertaining read this year!

So don’t wait. Buy this book NOW to laugh, cry, ponder the mysteries of space and join this journey to save humanity.

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