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The Omega (Superhumans Book 3)

by Kelsey Schaeffer on 2019-01-20

After the fairies use a significant magical spell, the town suffers the consequences that come along with it. Lexi and her family are separated, as the town encounters turmoil. Lexi and Alexander must come together to fight one last battle of good and evil to save their town.

"The dead had been unburied and the evil had been born once again. Evil—this was evil. I was now evil. Evil circled my mind, like water circling down the drain, until my mind fluttered into a sound sleep. But sleep wasn't an escape. It never was; there was absolutely no escape from my hell-chained life."

The Omega is the third and final novel in the enchanting Superhumans' series. Be sure to read the first book "Warrior" and second book "Supremacy" in the Superhumans' series.