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Hades’ Captive (Paranormal Romance)

by Kendra Hope on 2018-02-14

When the ultimate bad boy himself, Hades, spots the irresistible Anna stuck in a coma on Earth… he must possess her soul.

When Anna awakens in a strange, unusual place she is shocked to find that the Lord of the Underworld has taken her as his own captive. However, it does not take long for the fanciful Anna to discover how intoxicating the immortal man is – especially when he masters her every desire in ways she never knew possible.

As time passes, Anna cannot help but fall in love with the powerful God. But, when she discovers the truth about how she arrived in his home, and that Hades has stolen her soul, while she is in fact still alive on Earth… Anna must decide what to do and risk losing everything she’s grown to love.