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Love of Olympia: Tournament of Stars (Olympia Gold Book 1)

by Kennedy King on 2019-03-19

Life was more simple as a servant.

I’m destined to work under the boot of the Gold Standard for the rest of my life, to pay the debt of my dead father’s addiction to the most violent competition in the galaxy.

The competition I’m participating in right now.

Everyone in my crew are servants. My best friend Devin and I obeyed the Totalitarian Corporation all of our lives.

The balls on him! He got us in the tournament and picked up a sleek ship to command!

The other teams have more training, credits and are armed to the teeth with the most advanced tech the black markets have.

One contestant in the other team caught my interest. Galia. No man has ever made me feel the way she has.

But she’s such a reckless, gorgeous, pompous woman!

Even so, perhaps she can help us...

The only thing standing between us and freedom are six gruelling, fatal challenges and even more bloodthirsty crews battling for the glory of Olympia.

If we fail, the Corporation will destroy us.

The odds are high, but I never felt so strongly about anything else.

Is my will to survive enough to see us through?

SkyLine: The Captain, The Billionaire Boat and The Dragon Crusader

by Kennedy King on 2019-02-12

The balance between human and Dragon rests on the shoulders of a young pilot on her first mission.

Dawn Redding. An Admiral of the World Crisis Committee, she stands on the threshold of the life she gave everything for. She only needs to bring in the galaxy’s first outerworld outlaw.
Howard Carver. The legacy left behind by his family holds the key to facing humanity’s greatest threat, the far-flung lifeforms known as Dragons.
Rick Miller. A retired Captain with the ship to take them both to the outerworlds, where the outlaw Drogan lurks.
These three come together aboard the ageing Arcadia, a ship equipped with an AI named Alice, who is capable of self-piloting. Dawn, naturally feels useless. With or without the use of her greatest skill, she discovers her purpose as a leader when the group comes face-to-face with the being between man and Dragon himself. Drogan.
The astral road to him, the SkyLine, launches Dawn and the crew of the Arcadia from Mars to Neptune, and past the edge. Companions in loathing and love, they fight to level the cosmic scales. Through it all watches Alice, inside the Billionaire Boat, the Arcadia. More closely than anyone, she watches Dawn.

What waits for the crew at the edge of humanity’s reach; the land of the Dragons: redemption, or damnation?

This is the second installment of the ongoing series, SkyLine. This book is intended for a young adult to adult readers. It contains some graphic violence and some explicit sexual content.

The SkyLine Series:
Book 1: The Dragon Commander
Book 2: The Captain, The Billionaire Boat, and The Dragon Crusader

SkyLine: The Dragon Commander

by Kennedy King on 2018-10-21

A future police department corrupted by artificial intelligence massacres an entire city district. Major General Christopher Droan and his highly skilled team are called in to stop the threat, but to succeed they must embrace the same power that threatens to destroy their world.


It shouldn’t have been possible four years ago, and it was happening again.

Major General Christopher Droan survived a crisis once before.
It left him with trauma, and a deeper understanding of his dad’s distrust for technology.
Chris tried to put it behind him, to focus on the love of his life, recent fiancee Sheba.
But, in the year 2350, Cold Fusion, AI nanotech police officers, and the SkyLine between a dying Earth and a developing Mars are parts of life.
It’s a turbulent environment to be a Major General, even one resigned to desk work. The calm can only last so long. When tragedy strikes Precinct 117 in Shanghai, Chris and his unit are forced to gear up again
They never thought they’d see something the likes of what shook their world four years ago. That was only the beginning.

What waits for them in the heart of a robot with a beta personality matrix will change the planets on both ends of the SkyLine, mankind, and Major General Christopher Droan, forever.