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Arriving Soon


It's All Part of the Journey (The Journey Series Book 1)

by Kessira Gray on 2018-05-17

After the loss of his husband, Lehan, and Lehan's subsequent transformation into a fractured computer brain, Terr McHale just wants to build a safe place and family for what's left of his love. But with the McHale clan wiped out by the Guild, the universe has become a very unfriendly and dangerous place. Now Terr has managed to build a ship to house Lehan and gather a crew, each with a history of their own. But the dangers of the past won't give Terr any rest and when the Guild gets too close for comfort, Terr takes a dangerous gamble on a job that leads him off the edge of known space. Now he has a chance for a new job with the mysterious and attractive Arron Lauff. But Arron has enemies of his own and wants much more from Terr than just the hauling of some cargo. Should Terr take the risk to his crew for a lucrative job? Should he forget his past and welcome Arron into their little family, giving him a place in his heart?

There are risks from all sides and Terr must run a dangerous gauntlet but if he puts his faith in Arron, maybe he'll find the answer, not just for himself, but also for Lehan and his crew.