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Erotan (The Barbarian Warriors of Mars Book 1)

by Kim Fox on 2018-09-26

Landing on Mars was not at all what I expected.
Barren, bleak, boring -- that's what I was expecting.
But I discovered I couldn't have been more wrong as soon as I ventured into the underground tunnels.
They were teaming with life.
Deadly life.
Huge terrifying centipede-thingies ate both of my co-workers, and I was next.
Until a big gray Tarzan-like alien with a huge chest (and an even bigger vine) came to my rescue.
These sexy aliens are still in the caveman phase.
They like to grunt, fight, and throw helpless women over their shoulders.
It's barbaric.
It's savage.
It's obscene.
...and I kinda like it.

Best-selling paranormal and science fiction romance author Kim Fox teams up with hilarious new author Zoe Green to bring you a Mars love story that you won't ever forget! (Now matter how hard you try).