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The Peacekeeper: A Starya Knight Series

by Kingsley Roberts on 2017-11-03

After resurrecting a corpse bound for the morgue, nurse Starya Knight is shocked by the powerful glow of her touch. Her best friend Jackie introduces her to a classified world of fascinating extraterrestrial beings. The young nurse discovers she is one of an elite race that holds the title of Peacekeeper, an alien hybrid that maintains peace within each species residing on earth. Starya is challenged by her new role but is met with uncertainty as she uncovers hidden family secrets beneath years of lies and betrayal.

In the hunt for retribution, Ethan “Easy” McLane’s journey takes him to a sleepy beach town in South Carolina. He is enchanted by his beautiful neighbor, but definitely not looking to bring anyone else into the midst of his sordid life. With his business full of unscrupulous people, Easy is on a mission to bring the man responsible for his brother’s incarceration to justice-by any means possible.

In a world run rampant by unsanctioned alien visitors, Starya’s existence is invaded by evil. In a battle for her life, she is destined to face both human and inhuman threats. Will she survive the strike against humanity and persevere over the brutal alien attack? Can the loyal Peacekeeper’s ability be enough to raise the dead under duress or will she crumble under pressure?