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Losing: Cursed with Powers Book 1

by Kinshu Patel on 2018-11-03

It all started with an accident of an experiment. Those who were present there were all affected. But when they were tested the reports were negative. After a few years, they found that their first born child had inherited those changed genes. 27 years later from the accident now they are all grown up. But it is yet to be seen that who uses their powers for good cause and who all use their powers for their selfish purpose. Krystal is unintentionally dragged in this mess even when she is the second child. Krystal was barely living her life after she was informed that her lover died in an accident. Then Trent enters her life. They have a rough start. But then Trent starts understanding her. Krystal finds that Trent was hiding something. She tries to find what he was hiding but she finds herself dragged in that secret. Bigger secrets start getting revealed in front of her. She finds that everything that she knew was a lie. What cost she will have to pay for keeping their secret? Will she be able to forgive everyone for lying to her? What will happen to her?