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Taming Riki, Volume I, Part 3

by Kira Takenouchi on 2017-11-17

Volume I, Part 3. All Lord Mink's attempts to tame his pet, the notorious Riki the Dark, have failed. The rebellious mongrel has run away. Where will he go? And will Iason find him? Find out what happens next in the final book of Best-Selling Author Kira Takenouchi's Volume I trilogy, Taming Riki. Note from the Publisher: The Kindle book does not contain illustrations or the Guide to Taming Riki, which is available in the print version, also for sale on Amazon. This book is provided on Kindle for your convenience, but is also available for free viewing at Thank you to Rachel Livingston of DMP for permission to publish Taming Riki. Ai no Kusabi remains the copyright of DMP and Rieko Yoshihara.

Taming Riki: Volume I, Part 1

by Kira Takenouchi on 2017-11-07

Volume I, Part 1. Iason Mink: Jupiter's Golden Boy, Head of the Syndicate, and the ultimate Amoian Elite. When Tanagura's leading Blondie takes on a new Pet, all of Eos is abuzz with the news. His choice is none other than Riki the Dark, the infamous gang leader of Bison, a mongrel with no respect for Iason's rank or authority. What will it take to tame the notorious wild boy of Midas?

Note from the Publisher: This is not the same book as Ai no Kusabi, the original inspiration or idea for the series. The world and characters of Taming Riki are vastly different. The book is also quite graphic. But this is more than just a smut novel; there is a story here. Part of the appeal and popularity of Taming Riki is its use of vivid descriptions and ability to make the world come alive. It will draw you into its world and you will not want to come back. Note: The Kindle version does not include illustrations.

NOTE: This book is not intended for children. It contains adult content including intimate and graphic sexual encounters between males. It is of the genre called YAOI, which is especially popular with females, though is developing a following also among men. This book also includes elements of science fiction.

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Thank you to Rachel Livingston of DMP for permission to publish Taming Riki. Ai no Kusabi remains a copyright of DMP and Rieko Yoshihara.