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Love in The Seam: A Paranormal Romance

by Kirsten Hudson on 2019-01-11

Twenty-nine-year-old Holly Kirwin wakes up one day and has no idea where she is. It’s quite possible that she’s in an insane asylum because she’s lost her mind, or perhaps she’s in some futurist-type prison. She’s not sure, but during an attempt to escape the white-walled jail cell, she discovers she can walk through walls. It’s then that she finds herself in yet another facility that has her questioning whether or not she’s going crazy. Except, in this place there’s a beautiful man, named Christian, with a surly temper and aquamarine eyes, that she can’t seem to stay away from. Though her escape attempts seem futile, she is able to extract one tidbit of information from her Perceptual Therapist: In order to get out of this place she will be tested by the social phenomenon of her morality and various ethical rules, in relation to her own behavior. As the days fall off of her time monitor, she begins to question if anything, besides being with Christian really matters – even her own life.