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Arriving Soon


Princes and Soldiers

by Kracken on 2018-07-21

After a five year conflict between the ruling elite on Earth and the Confederation of Satellites, there was a hard won peace and autonomy for those living off world. The Peacekeepers organization had been formed to battle those unwilling to end the war. Prince Christian Callinbrook was a general in that organization. Well respected, yet feared for his part in the war, he had learned to be above reproach in his personal and professional life. Suddenly being forced to admit to his organization two individuals who had been his enemies during the war was bad enough, but finding out that one was a irreverent joker who rarely followed the rules, threatened his sanity and his hard won respect from the organization. Christian soon discovered, though, that there was more to Erin Flynn than his loud mouth and his endless jokes. The handsome agent had a dark secret. As Christian helplessly fell for his one time enemy, he found he wanted the answer to that secret more than even his reputation.


by Kracken on 2018-06-02

Sparks is notorious for clumsiness. Useless on his family's farm, and a danger to himself and others, his father sends Sparks away to work as a clerk for Martin DeLuce, a self proclaimed scientist.Unfortunately, Sparks soon discovers that the rumors of the man's eccentricities are true. DeLuce surrounds himself with a bizarre assortment of servants, pays exorbitant prices for blonde cats, and forbids Sparks to enter a basement where Sparks swears he can periodically hear a man singing. When DeLuce's experiments seem to cross the border from true science into the Devil's alchemy, Sparks begins to fear for his life and his soul. His questions about the fate of Phi, the scribe who proceeded him, remain unanswered until Sparks dares to enter the basement and finds the man caged and unwillingly taking part in one of DeLuce's experiments. They escape together, but Phi has been changed radically by DeLuce's alchemy. Though Phi is beautiful, there are few places a man can safely go when he shares the agility and likeness of a cat. Despite every hand being against them, Sparks finds himself unwilling to abandon Phi. He soon realizes that, against all the teachings of his father and his community, he has done the unthinkable;fallen in love with someone who is not only another man, but wears the face of one of the Devil's own. Now Sparks must discover if his love is strong enough to save them both.

Rocket Man

by Kracken on 2018-06-02

Max Masters, one time elite soldier during the wars, was hardly making ends meet selling scrap on a rundown space station. When someone makes him a deal he can't refuse, he soon finds it not only too good to be true, but part of a sting operation. Arrested by his one time war comrade Kyle Carter, Max is given two choices, help him bust an illegal arms dealer or go to jail for a very long time.Max was never one to shake hands with the law, but old feelings for Kyle, a man hotter than jet fuel on re-entry, and a chance for a new life, send him willingly down a path that could either lead to redemption or certain death.

Shinigami's Lover: Book One

by Kracken on 2017-09-29

When the pilots of death-dealing machines do the unthinkable and break all the rules during a war, it includes the one where two men shouldn't fall in love with each other.