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Rescued by the Alpha: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance

by Kristina Day on 2017-11-14

Esther once believed humans were the only sentient species in the universe. That is, until a rogue alien species captured her, and carried her to a faraway galaxy.

Understandably, she's not happy about this, and the aliens force her into a cell for a journey that could take anywhere from days to years. During this interim period, she's also forced to learn the alien language. She learns a lot more than just that, though.

She learns that she's to be sold off like some common broodmare, once she ends up on a foreign planet. Something to do with the fact the aliens did something stupid and almost wiped out all their females. (How dumb do you have to be not to realize that's a bad idea?) So, they're seeking females from other races to make up for that.

She also learns that she likes the second language tutor. An amiable alien called Reon. He seems to be respectful. Or as respectful as you can be for an alien race that abducts people.
Esther thinks if she has no choice but to end up as a partner to an alien -- she'd rather it be someone she knew. Someone who has a good track record, like Reon. He promises to do his best.

And now she must hope he'll succeed in getting her through competition.

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