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Arriving Soon


Loc's Liberation: Warriors of Vanu #4

by L A Thompson on 2018-08-15

Trained as a warrior. Bound as a diplomat. Arriving at yet another planet, Ambassador Loc Tor’Kel Ra’Dor was there to attend yet another trying diplomatic dinner with yet another race that has petitioned for membership in the Galactic Alliance. Would that he had become a warrior like his father and brothers. At least then he wouldn’t be at risk of dying of boredom. Planetside, he finds more excitement than he’d had in a long time. And his life is changed forever.

Abused as a child. Betrayed and kidnapped by the one man who should have protected her. One moment, Rae Fischer was visiting her grandparents’ graves and being accosted by The Man…aka her sperm donor. The next moment, she was waking up on a space ship. A freaking space ship! Before she knows it, she’s the foster mother of an orphaned alien baby and madly in love with the sweet little boy. And the two are soon en route for an alien planet where they’re to be sold as slaves.

Rae knows that she and her new baby must escape before they’re auctioned off to some alien as slave…or food! And how is she going to find a way back to Earth? She has to. The fate of the President…and the planet…depends on it.