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Devil's Cupid Box Set Parts 1-5: Devils and Angels Episodic Romance

by L. L. Ash on 2018-12-26

Sentenced to hell after the great fall, Cupid is the one devil to call when you have a request of the heart. At a crossroads, he’ll come, and for the simple price of your soul, he’ll make your ‘happily ever after’ come true.
Sort of.

He doesn't just find souls to devour. He finds love that will devour him, too. One unusual mortal deal leads him on a path toward a very particular angel who not only hates him, but challenges him. Falling in love never seemed so close before, but it rests just outside the grasp of his immortal fingers.

She will do whatever it takes to keep humanity safe, even at the risk of spending dangerous moments with one of Hell’s big boys, Cupid. But there’s something to be said about dipping a toe in sin, because the next thing you know, you’re drowning in it.