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Grave (The Sanctuary Series Book 1)

by L.H. Whitlock on 2019-06-23

Pregnant and running for her life, Nora flees for the sanctuary known as Morala, an all-female asylum. Instead, she finds herself on Kilton, a sanctuary for criminals running from their sentencing. Now Nora must adapt to her new home, and do so quickly before her baby arrives and deal the ever-present reality that if she's found, her fate could be worse than what she ran away from.

Grave, an ex-gladiator who fled captivity many years ago, built the sanctuary known as Kilton along with two others. Feared by all and unable to control his demons, Grave finds himself growing further away from civilization. Despite his self-isolation, anyone seeking asylum must be granted access by Grave, and when he steps out into a storm to greet their newest arrival, instead of the usual hardened criminal, he is surprised to see a purple-haired pixie at his gates.

Not knowing what Nora runs from, Grave grants her the asylum she seeks, but something about this pixie is different from anyone he has ever met. When he discovers the secret Nora hides behind her clothes, will Grave push her away like he has everyone else, or will he fight her battles and his own to find happiness?

Captured (The Miners of Zalma Book 2)

by L.H. Whitlock on 2018-06-25

Engaged, whisked off to a completely different planet, then arrested and thrown into prison on a rocky asteroid in the outskirts of the solar system. Cece didn’t think it could get worse. With no help in sight, Cece must decide how to work through her commitment issues and discover her true feelings for her proposed husband.

Trab’s dream had always been to be married and have children, but prison certainly wasn’t the place for romance. While he tries to protect his bride, he must also navigate the backward rules of an inmate ran prison and the lead inmate, Sofina.

While sparks ignite for Trab and Cece, they find themselves in the midst of a growing rebellion and they have no choice but to join the fight.

Discovered (A Galactic Battle Series Book 2)

by L.H. Whitlock on 2017-09-03

The war has taken a turn and those the Renegade once thought were allies have turned out to be an even bigger threat than Golan.
Brock wakes up on the Developers warship after being de-materialized and mistaken for a Developer. He has no way to contact his team, no way of knowing where he is heading and it is only a matter of time before he is discovered.
Alyssa has been given one more chance to prove herself to her grand leader, the Kaidellen, and she hopes to achieve this by issuing an upgrade to a returning war hero. But when she walks into the med bay she finds a toned warrior who is everything but a machine. Could this be her way out of her cold, emotionless life?
Survival may have brought them together, but will the feuding sides be too much for them?

This is Book Two of the Galactic Battle Series. They can be read as independent books, but you may want to read book one, Matched, first so you get the full story.