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Un Futuro Aceptable (Spanish Edition)

by L.P. Masters on 2018-11-29

Te amo, te amo, te amo. Mil veces más.

Alice Goetz es una simple editora de adquisiciones para una editorial, con un no tan simple Chip de Control Temporal implantado en su cerebro. El debut del libro de Paul Osmund es más importante para el futuro de lo que cualquiera en su línea de tiempo podría imaginar. Alice es responsable de asegurarse que todo ocurra de la manera que debe.

Alice piensa que finalmente ha logrado encontrar la línea que llevará a un futuro aceptable, pero algo inesperado comienza a suceder. Paul se enamora de ella. En cada línea de tiempo que ella encuentra.

El futuro depende de que Alice encuentre la mejor línea de tiempo para que Paul viva, pero todos aquellos trabajando para asegurar un futuro mejor no tiene permitido enamorarse con su sujeto. Alice sabe que debe seguir el camino que lleve a un futuro aceptable, pero perderá a Paul para siempre.

An Acceptable Future: A Dark Tale (Dark Tales)

by L.P. Masters on 2017-11-30

Alice Goetz is a simple acquisitions editor for a publisher, with a not-so-simple Temporal Control Chip implanted into her brain. Paul Osmund's debut book is more important to the future than anyone in his timeline can imagine. Alice is responsible for making sure everything happens the way it's supposed to.

Alice thinks she has finally succeeded in finding the line that will lead to an acceptable future, but something unexpected begins to happen. Paul falls in love with her. In every single timeline she encounters.

The future depends on Alice finding the right timeline for Paul to pursue, but anyone working towards a better future is not allowed to fall in love with their subjects. Alice knows she has to follow the path that leads to an acceptable future, but she'll lose Paul forever.

An Acceptable Future: A Dark Tale

by L.P. Masters on 2017-09-30

Most of the universe doesn’t know about the Darkers; a group of people that work outside of time to better the future. Acquisitions Editor Alice Goetz had no idea they existed until they enlisted her for a “simple” mission to improve the future: get Paul Osmund to sign his book to her publisher.

After years of reliving the same few hours over and over, Alice realizes simplicity is never simple. She gets the contract, but the mission isn’t quite over, and staying on longer is dangerous. Paul is falling in love with her every time, and despite fighting to stay aloof, she’s falling too.

Alice has known since she first started working for the Darkers that she and Paul couldn’t be together. If Alice doesn’t accept that fact, she may change the future in ways no one intended, and the deeper she goes, the more chance there is that Paul could die on every timeline in which he exists.

An Acceptable Future is a novella of 25,000 words which is about 100 pages long.