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Flight of the Magnus (Project Waypoint Series Book 2)

by L.S. Roebuck on 2018-12-17

Book Two in the Project Waypoint Series: Deep space outpost Waypoint Magellan is picking up the pieces after a devastating attack by rebellious forces of the utopian harbingers, Chasm. In the midst of the reconstruction, Amberly Macready, hero of the Battle of Magellan, desperately tries to put together the pieces of her own heart. The rogue Dek Tigona has been exiled, now traveling on the 16-year journey to Earth. Commander North has signed on as second-in-command of the Magnus, the most powerful battleship ever built, bringing the fight to Chasm light years away. Feeling the loss of both, Amberly must now plan a secret mission off the waypoint to make sure her home is ready for the next Chasm strike. With a broken soul seeking revenge, North leads his lethal strike force toward the Chasm stronghold. To save humanity, North prepares to sacrifice everything to reach the final destination of the Flight of the Magnus.