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Deviant Control: An Alpha and Omega dark science fiction romance (Part 1) (The Controllers Book 3)

by L.V. Lane on 2019-07-03

With her father on the ruling council, Doctor Lillian Brach had lived a coveted life. Rising to Director of the viral research program, she had carved a place for herself within the Empire.

But her life plans changed the day she revealed as an Omega.

Her former research partner, Erison Tsing, has assumed control of the program. Her singularity—unique Omega gift—brings more challenges than benefits. And Tsing’s methods of testing her gift stamp over moral and ethical boundaries.

Secretly suppressing her heat, and clinging to a measure of independence unheard of for an Omega, her life is precarious enough.

But when the viral research center comes under attack, she makes some questionable decisions.

Her escort soldier has been her hand…she was trying to save his life.

Now she is trapped outside the safe zone, and enemy soldiers are closing in.

Her father promised she would never be allocated a Controller. But that’s about to change.

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

I’m not a humble person.

I am confident in my capability, for all society considered me less important now because I’m an Omega. I was late to reveal my dynamic, and my personality was already firmly set. You could not erase twenty-five years of self-belief, and I doubted a lifetime ever would.

But, I’m not infallible, and on the day Tolis was attacked I made some questionable choices.

~ Doctor Lillian Brach

Taking Control: An Alpha and Omega dark science fiction romance (The Controllers Book 1)

by L.V. Lane on 2019-04-25

There is a war, and people with skills are deployed when and where it suits the cause. Even Omegas. 

Where necessary, they are allocated protection. 

A controller. 

And they are told to submit fully to the controller. That it is recommended.

But the war brings many changes. Omegas must be protected at all costs and what was once a recommendation might soon become a mandate.

Eloise is an Omega, and with her first deployment imminent she has already decided that she won’t submit to full control—not while the law still protects her. 

But they haven’t allocated her to an ordinary controller, they’ve let the best of them fight for the right. And nothing is going to stop the one who comes out on top from claiming his prize.