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Fantasy Waltz 2: A Time Travel Regency Romance

by Lady Alchemy on 2018-06-12

Move over Marty McFly:
Lorissa Davis needs a ‘Doc built DeLorean.’ Stuck in the past in a body not her own is challenging enough. Add a hottie Duke with wicked intentions and someone may need to be on standby with a fire extinguisher. While planning a coming out ball like no one has ever seen before, she does her best not to get wrapped up in this foreign time or Lord Julian Covington’s beckoning arms. Her dear 'Julz' makes the struggle entertaining in such a way, that to give in could be the greatest reward. Or a chaotic disaster.

Desperately seeking Jules Vern:
Lady Clarissa Stone is having trials of her own. She is under the care of and in close confines with, the upmost handsome man. This refined lady is out of her depth in the most frightening yet intriguing way. Where is a time machine when you need one? Does she really want to be away from all the convenience and surprise of this new world? Or is it the temptation of an attractive Doctor that makes her want to stay?
So many questions but the ultimate query left - which Rissa will get to keep her Mr. Covington?

Fate has one more tune they all must dance to

…and one more twist up its tricky sleeve.


by Lady Alchemy on 2018-05-24

You, you mean like a date?” Was that my voice squeaking?
He lowered his head closer to mine and whispered in a mock tone, “I mean, like a date.”

Unintentional smolder. James Covington had it in spades. He was a good friend, heaven to look at, had a good heart and happened to be a doctor at the top of his field. All before that, Lorissa Davis fell in love with the lanky boy that threw an errant baseball that nailed her like cupid’s arrow. Thinking of James, Lorissa would love to have a personal life that was Hard, Rough, and Insanity. However, she isn’t getting it how she wants it.

Being in love with someone who has always viewed you as a good friend and only that - Hard.
A real one on one date at his house was wish fulfillment come true. Things could finally heat up and boil over. Images of twisted sheets, sweaty, bare limbs, and whispered confessions in the dark had Lorissa’s libido screaming.

Raising three younger siblings as your own - Rough.
Despite the challenges of raising three siblings, things seemed to be finally going the right way for Lorissa to end up in James’ arms with hopes of ending in his bed. Unfortunately, Fate had other ideas.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers just when you get a date with the man who stars in all your fantasies– Insanity.
Through some sort of switched bodies and switched time periods, Lorissa finds herself living the life of a distant relative. Enters Lord Julian Covington. A man who looked so much like her James that Lorissa ached. The Duke was refined; he was royalty, sinfully gorgeous, and artfully convincing. Most shocking was his hungry stare whenever he looked at Lorissa. He wanted her. She couldn’t want him. Did she?
Could smolder be hereditary?

***If you enjoyed reading Bethany Claire's Time Travel Romance Series or Shelly Thacker's Time Travel Romances, you're going to enjoy this read!!****