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Arriving Soon


Forced By The Photocopier

by Lance Rider on 2018-06-11

Although it might be hard to believe, Rhys doesn’t actually like going to work; the people are boring, the work is boring, and his boss is especially boring. The only fun part of his day is messing about with his mate Andy; and when Andy dares him to photocopy his junk on the brand new MegaPrint 3000, Rhys rises to the challenge. It’s all fun and games at first, but it isn’t long before he starts getting mysterious messages… messages that threaten to email his rather indecent picture round the office. That’s when Rhys starts to get really nervous. His job, his reputation and his dignity are all at stake, and he's willing to do anything to appease whoever it is blackmailing him; it’s the beginning of a thrilling, wild sex game that Rhys can’t believe is happening, yet one that he desperately doesn’t want to end.

This gay, M/M short story is 9,500 words of thrilling, red hot action; it contains strong language and explicit, adult scenes, and is only intended for readers over the age of 18.