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Arriving Soon


The Reincarnation of Queen Ankhare: A Pharaoh Never Forgets

by Lara Dixon on 2018-01-16

When you await the return of your Princess, your one and only true love, time and distance cannot stand in your way.

You are willing to overcome anything even if it takes a Millenium or two. And so it was for Pharaoh Antufu.

His long wait and anticipation finally paid off. Now he would be able to spend eternity with his beloved. And when you're the Pharaoh, with every earthly possession and privilege spread out before you, there is a lot to live for.

The only question is whether your Princess will choose to spend eternity with you in your world or choose to remain in hers. After all isn't her modern world the only one she has ever known ....all of her life?

If you don't believe in everlasting love this story with its roots in Ancient Egypt might change your mind.

This is a stand alone book with a happily forever after ending. It is intended for Mature readers, 18+ years old and contains some adult themes and language.