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Raevu: Science Fiction Alien Romance (Galaxy Alien Warriors Book 4)

by Lara LaRue on 2018-02-27

When Eva read about the “dying alien race” something about it tugged at her heartstrings.

So few children that the whole race was dying out? Only one female born in every two thousand births? Having advanced technology that still couldn’t fix the situation? How helpless they must feel.

Eva knew that she might not be able to help, but the five thousand credits the alien program had offered just to let them try to see if her DNA was compatible with the alien DNA had seemed like a godsend.

There was no way she would be accepted.

All they would do was test her, say she was incompatible and send her home.

Or so she had thought.

Before Eva found out that her genes were compatible with a hot alien warrior…the king of his alien race.

And now the alien king is relying on Eva to save his race?

Galaxy Alien Warriors series are Stand-alone Science Fiction alien abduction romance books with fated mates and a guaranteed HEA, no cheating, no cliffhangers, and plenty of impossible Alphas! So if you like it fast, and gritty, and sexy, this is for you!

Buy Raevu to find your Happily Ever After with a super sexy alpha alien warrior hero today!


Q & A with Science Fiction Romance Author Lara LaRue

Q - How would you describe the Galaxy Alien Warriors series?

A – Alpha Alien Warriors in space! It’s a series of standalone books that take place on different planets. With each book you’ll experience a new adventure, featuring a new couple. Think powerful aliens – warriors, kings, princes, and renegades – trying to save their planet and race from extinction and finding their one true mate. In each stand-alone book there’s lots of action-packed romance between the hot alpha warrior and his human woman that was abducted from Earth. Oh and yes, in each book there’s a Happily Ever After and absolutely no cliffhangers.

Q – So, why did you want to write this Galaxy Alien Warriors series?

A – Because I wanted write a series that takes everything that I love…action, adventure, romance and diverse characters and put them into a galactic alien universe with infinite possibilities.

Q - What order should I read the books in the Galaxy Alien Warriors series?

A - All the Galaxy Alien Warriors books are stand-alone romances centered on the vast galactic universe, rescuing abducted humans, and having a Happily Ever After far from earth. Here's the order I suggest:

- Dekkir
- Sekkol
- Craze
- Raevu
More Galaxy Alien Warriors coming soon!

About Lara:

I love all things alpha male mixed with adventure, action romance. There’s just something so magical about characters that fall in love despite the most trying circumstances…it’s “Love overcomes all obstacles” stories combined with the excitement of adventure, danger, and action. I like to believe it's possible for us all to find our alpha mate and have our own Happily Ever After.

The Galaxy Alien Warriors Science Fiction Romance Series:

- Science Fiction Romance
- Action Adventure Romance
- Alien Invasion Romance
- Futuristic Romance
- Fantasy Romance
- Military Romance
- Paranormal Romance