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Yuletide of Rats (Rats: Tori Book 3)

by Laura Greenwood on 2019-03-28

Danger lurks at Yuletide.

Things are looking up for the Rats under Tori’s rule, but now, something dark is lurking. Tori and her husbands must stop the threat before it destroys them all.
Yuletide of Rats is a one-shot Steampunk Reverse Harem story and concludes Tori’s adventures.

Collector of Rats (Rats: Tori Book 2)

by Laura Greenwood on 2018-10-27

With the Rats running out of money and fast, there’s only one thing Tori can do. Calling in the debt will be dangerous, but Tori is determined, even if her husbands wished she wouldn’t go.

A Steampunk Reverse Harem Story and the second story featuring Tori and her husbands.


by Laura Greenwood on 2017-06-30

The day a child begins to walk, they're told not to go to the other side of the moon.

When Caden is separated from his patrol group, he stumbles on to the other side. After all the childhood warnings, the last thing he expected to find was Breccia; beautiful, ethereal and just about human.

A Standalone Sci-Fi Romance.