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Arriving Soon


Mrax (The Galaxos Crew Book 5)

by Layla Nash on 2019-04-06

Earther and alien.
Love and logic.
Fire and… thermite.

Rowan MacLeod is tough as nails. Life was hard on Earth, but she's determined to let nothing hold her back... even after ending up on a rusty bucket of a spaceship surrounded by barbarian aliens. A special mission to resurrect old fighter craft for the rebels is her best chance to prove herself... until disaster finds her again.

As the medic on the Galaxos, Mrax has to be quick on his feet. He doesn't have time for anything else, especially a feisty Earther female. Until the intelligent and beautiful Rowan ends up in his sickbay. She's everything he doesn't need complicating his life. But she's everything he wants. 

When a hostile alien team lures Rowan into danger, Mrax will do whatever it takes to save her. Even if he ends up needing a little saving himself.

Rowan and Mrax have one job: build a fleet to save the rebellion. Any distractions could jeopardize the whole universe, even if the force of their attraction is stronger than gravity itself.

But sometimes, even when it doesn't add up, love comes out on top. Now they just have to make sure the rebellion does, too.

Frrar (The Galaxos Crew Book 4)

by Layla Nash on 2018-08-24

Maisy Cunningham was the youngest doctor to graduate from the Fleet Academy, but that doesn’t stop the rest of the crew from treating her like a helpless little sister. Maisy’s had enough of their coddling and volunteers to take a dangerous assignment on a rebel spaceship with a bunch of pirates to prove she’s just as strong and capable as the rest of the Earther crew.

Frrar sticks to engineering, though he finds himself repairing things in the Galaxos sickbay with surprising regularity. It’s definitely not because he's fighting his instincts to seduce the ship's doctor. But when sweet, beautiful Maisy volunteers to work on his brother’s pirate ship, Frrar insists on accompanying her to protect her — even if it means confronting his brother about all his past crimes.

Maisy is ready for adventure, even with Frrar and his brother at each other’s throats the entire journey. But when the pirates attack a neutral ship and steal powerful weapons, she realizes she might have bitten off more than she can chew. The pirates are ready to sell the weapons to the evil Alliance, and only Maisy and Frrar can stop them from destroying the rebellion forever — if they can survive the pirate captain marooning them both in space.