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When Walls Disappear: A Reverse Harem Novella

by Layla Pierce on 2018-03-01

Trapped in Purgatory Isabella knows her only way to escape is to play along with Dr. Brigit’s wants. When she’s forced to choose a man to mate with she finds an unlikely ally and a new hope of escape. Dominic makes it his sole mission to return her to her men safely.
Can they escape to the safety of Matthew’s city or are their fates sealed?

*disclaimer* This is a reverse harem serial and may contain situations that are not suitable for all readers. Age 18+ recommended.

When Walls Come Down: A Reverse Harem Novella

by Layla Pierce on 2018-01-22

When Isabella is taken to Purgatory with the city officials, the last thing she expects to find is all the women of the purge alive. Dark workings and experiments haunt the halls, and Purgatory is looking more like hell than the sanctuary of humanity. When the government officials and Sergeant Galbraith give Bella’s men an ultimatum they must make a difficult choice that could bring the city to its knees.

Disclaimer: When Walls Come Down is the second installment of the reverse harem serial: Walls. Some subjects may not be suitable for all audiences. Sexy men, a sexy woman, and recommend for those 18 and up.