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Arriving Soon


A Mate to Sacrifice (The Hunters Book 2)

by Laylah Roberts on 2018-10-10

Growing up the daughter of a gang member, Peyton didn’t exactly have a life filled with cupcakes, family holidays and daddy-daughter dances.
Not unless you counted a trip to the prison to visit your daddy a family holiday.
So what does she do? She stupidly accepts a proposal from the first man offering an escape.
He was supposed to help her.
Instead he left her for dead.

A female of their dreams…
On the hunt for a murderer, no one is more surprised than Caden and Sangel when they come across a fragile, tiny, human female — with a backbone of steel and a mouth like razorblades.
She is everything they ever wanted. But when her past comes back to hurt her, will they lose it all?

This book is part of a series and probably best read in order.