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Dauntless (Trials of Persephone Book 1)

by LB Clark on 2018-03-08

Thomas St. James was born into the aristocracy, but he always believed that he was fated for great things—like captaining an airship. After nearly two decades spent scratching his way up Faraday Trading’s ranks, his dream is finally within his grasp...until a telegram from home changes everything.

Thomas, now the Earl of Thorndale, plans to visit Thorndale just long enough to hire a manager for the estate and find a governess for his newly-acquired ward. But when he returns to his childhood home, he finds the whole of Thorndale entangled in one of his cousin’s shady schemes. Thomas can’t stand idly by while good people are destroyed, and that means he not only must take his title seriously but also seek the help of the woman he’s trying desperately to forget—the indomitable Captain Kate Delaney.

Even with Kate and her crew in his corner, the odds are stacked against him. If he can’t set things right, he’ll lose everything he never knew mattered to him…and the clock is ticking.