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Arriving Soon


Closer Than Earth

by LD Marr on 2019-03-09

An alien rescue from Earth's apocalypse leads to a different kind of love.
I'd always had problems with relationships. It was no different with my latest boyfriend Joey. I knew he was cheating on me, even though he denied it. Then things got even worse--Earth's apocalypse happened.
With the help of some aliens, I got away just in time. I fell for Vohn right away, but I didn't want to get burned again. Especially when I understood so little about the strange people who'd rescued me.

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Have Teeth, Will Bite (a cozy vampire mystery):

In the 1890s, attracting the wrong types can be undeadly.

When Roz is reported to a witch hunter for talking to her cat, the prim and proper Salem librarian leaves town in a hurry. She doesn't have many options, so she takes a job as a dance hall girl in the wild west.

One of the girls is murdered, and Jonah the reserved but hunky deputy suspects the local vampire. But Roz knows it wasn't him. She was with him at the time being turned into a vampire against her will.

Roz wants to get closer to Jonah. But to find the real killer, she'll have to cozy up to the saloon's rough and rowdy customers instead. Being a vampire might be some protection from the murderer if the method of death wasn't a stake through the heart.

Tenderloin (dystopian horror)

Under another pen name, Trisha McNary, LD Marr also wrote the science fiction series Xeno Relations: Alien Pets, hypnoSnatch, and Bonded in Space