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Regeneration (Lines Through Time Book 3)

by Lee Isserow on 2018-04-20

Could you sacrifice your child to save the world?

Alice knows she can bring the world back from the brink of extinction... At a cost.
She has a man she loves, they're raising a child together, their life is perfect.
And yet she would risk both of them to change the world for the better.

However, all is not as it seems - with Alice's partner, nor with the child.
It's only a baby, yet there is something worldly about its stare.
As if it knows what she is planning...

If there's any hope of stopping the end of the world, Alice is going to have to put everything on the line - from her love to the baby she adores, if she's going to have any hope of saving the human race from itself.
But can a mother risk the life she created?
And if she can, what kind of monster does that make her?

Lines Though Time is a serialised story told in three thrilling parts over three months