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Rescued By The Alien Warrior: A Sci Fi Alien Romance

by Leia Gray on 2018-09-11

An alien warrior hell-bent on revenge. A human female with a secret power. And an enemy that wants them both dead.

Liana Hathaway is a survivor. After losing everything in a mining accident, she has one option left: enter the Miss Avia pageant and hope one of the sponsors favors her. Being kidnapped from the winner’s stage? Not part of the plan.

Darvok Kar'thallan is a warrior prince on a mission. He travels the galaxy in pursuit of the formidable Krevith, the leader of a cosmic crime ring that decimated his clan. Too bad he keeps getting psychic interference from a mysterious woman he's never seen before.

When Darvok finds the girl in Krevith's clutches, worlds collide as he must decide whether to protect the human or fulfill his bloody destiny.

In order to make it out alive, they’ll have to work together—even as the crazy-hot alien awakens a long-dormant power within her. The hardest part? Resisting the impossible connection they seem to share.

Rescued by the Alien Warrior is a Sci-Fi Romance novel featuring a curvy, stubborn human female and a seven-foot-tall Rathian warrior who will leave you breathless and turning pages well into the night.

Scroll up and claim your own alien warrior today…he’s waiting for you :)